Bluff Creek Campground

Bluff Creek Campground is a new privately owned campground near Kenilworth QLD.  The owners told us they have been open for 6 months.  It took us just over 1.5 hours from our home to get there for an overnighter.

On the way into town we also noticed signs to another camp ground that is on a working dairy.  Both this property and Bluff creek are on the Mary river however to access the river from the Bluff Creek Campground you need to walk.  There are no sites on the river.  The Kenilworth Camping on the dairy farm has lots of river frontage sites but no amenities.  The two campgrounds are on opposite sides of the Mary river but are accessed from different frontages.  They have a Facebook page here.

IMG_5659 IMG_5661

IMG_5729 IMG_5728

IMG_5703 IMG_5676

IMG_5667 IMG_5666 IMG_5673 IMG_5692

IMG_5697 IMG_5698

IMG_5672 IMG_5726

IMG_5709 IMG_5705 IMG_5727

IMG_5718 IMG_5720

IMG_5713  IMG_5716


You can see the other campground across the river.

Here's the bird sounds from our campsite (Bellbird Forest).


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