Seventeen Seventy (1770)

Our first real trip in our new Spinifex was to 1770 north of Bundaberg in Queensland.  Our good friends and neighbours, Darryl & Tracey came too (in their OzTent) and towed our boat.

Departure morining

Departure morning

The trip there was a little longer than expected.  Getting used to towing the van, a few stops along the way and following the GPS instead of what we had been told all contributed to a 7.5 hour journey.

Looks like Agnes Water is 1770 K’s away (its actually only 26k from Miriam Vale)

1770 is a lovely place with some great views.  Note to self: “Take more photos of the Caravan Park”


IMG_5494 IMG_5490

We were lucky that we had two sites, one behind the other, so it was fairly easy to drive the van through.  Some sites had trees to negotiate and the roadways were quite narrow.  I’m not sure that I would have been able to easily manoeuvre the van with little prior practice (A trap for young players).

IMG_5534 IMG_5502 


Watching the sunset from the beach right on the caravan park is a popular evening pastime.  Wine, cheese & bikkies.

 IMG_5551 IMG_5552 IMG_5553


We walked around to some nice places.

IMG_5497 P1000074 P1000065

IMG_5495 IMG_5537

Darryl & I went to the pub

1770 Beach Hotel (The Tree)


We had a 4×4 day to the National Park and Bustard Beach Camp Ground


IMG_5531 IMG_5530


Eurimbula National Park

IMG_5527 IMG_5522


We didn’t catch too many crabs or fish but we had a great time in our boat and made the most of it while the sun shined.


Darryl looks happy


Time to head in guys


Bobbie & Tracey

We ate like kings

lamb shanks

Mmmm, Lamb shanks

IMG_5511 IMG_5514


Then the girls tried to work it off

IMG_5557 IMG_5554


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